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Our Philosophy

Guiding you on the path to health.

We believe that your body was created and designed to heal.  It has an amazing ability to maintain balance and when it is out of balance it will communicate that to you in the form of symptoms.  It is our job to listen to you and connect the dots between your symptoms, choices,  environment,  health history, emotions, and guide you to a more healthy set of habits that will set you up for wellness, not illness.

In the functional medicine model that we use, we approach all the systems of the body as interconnected.   It seems to be common sense, but our modern system of care is not organized with this perspective.  In this model, we spend a lot of time talking about you and you share your story with us.  Then we get down to the hard work of untangling and understanding what your body is telling you.

Does this sound like  an approach that may work for you?   We offer a free phone consultation so you can ask us a few questions about our practice to see if we are a good fit.  Or are you ready to jump in and schedule an in- depth history and intake session?   We can set up a 90 minute meeting and begin the process. 


Click here to schedule a free phone consultation or a 90 minute meeting.  We look forward to talking with you.  

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