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 Bio-electric Magnetic Therapy Sets


Bio-electric magnetic therapy promotes wellness by increasing blood flow and enhancing your body's healing capabilities. 

 To learn more and own your own set, click HERE.


  Essential Oils

 We all want our homes to be our safe haven; the place where we are loved an nurtured, where we go to relax and recharge.  The last thing we want in our homes are things that are going to harm and hurt us but unfortunately, home is one of the most toxic places we can be. 


Our choices of cleaners, air fresheners, personal care products, and detergents leave us in a swamp of nasty chemicals that can undermine the very health and safety of our homes.   Switching to essential oils for many of your needs is a first step to living the toxin-free lifestyle I promote and Young Living is my brand of choice.  Learn more here


I am constantly looking for new and economical ways to support my clients and this cutting edge wearable tech blew me away. 

Voxx socks and insoles use trigger points in your peripheral nervous system to engage your central nervous system and are clinically proven to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, stability and reduce pain.  Find out more HERE 

Discounted Supplements

Clients have access to discounted high quality supplements shipped directly to their door.  

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