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Personal Coaching

With one on one coaching, We begin with a full health history of each client, including environmental stresses, family history, diet, and stress and emotional health.   Then, we get down to the work of identifying and reducing or eliminating the cause of your health problems, not using a bandaid approach to mask the symptoms.  Learn more by scheduling a phone consult or a full 90 minute intake.

Bio-Electromagnetic Therapy


Bio-electric magnetic therapy promotes wellness by increasing blood flow and enhancing your body's healing capabilities.   


Sessions are available in conjunction with personal coaching or as a stand alone service.  Single sessions and discounted package rates are available.  Click here to book

Group Coaching

     Small groups can be a powerful way to experience a coach and have a built-in support system and accountability partner.  It is also a more economical way to get a feel for having a health coach on your team.   Group offerings vary but to be kept up-to-date on what is available you can join our mailing list.

Bioimpedance Scans

Itovi is a handheld bioimpedance scanner that is similar to many popular fitness monitors but has an important difference.   This scan will suggest certain essential oils and supplements that will support your body in feeling its best.  It can give us clues to the root cause of your symptoms.  Scans can be done alone or as part of a short consult.  

Wellness Education 

I teach classes at my office or I am available to come to your home or business and teach on a number of subjects.  Check out my Class Schedule tab or contact me to arrange a private class.

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