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How to stay positive in uncertain times

It just might be you feel like this man in the mist. You just can't quite see what is out in front of you and you are not really certain if you are headed in the right direction or if you are even on the right path. Your mind is full of too many feelings and emotions and the best thing you can do right now is stay put until the mist clears and you can see clearly. But, is that realistic. How can we, in the face of uncertainty and doubt, remain positive? It is not always an easy choice but it is a choice. In all things, there are two sides. A positive and a negative, an up and a down, a light and a dark, a heads for every tails. We can and do choose to see a thing in a certain way and assign either a good or a bad to it. Sometimes, we are just stuck and no matter how hard we try we can not seem to see the good. To pull the lesson out from the trial.

If you have followed me for any length of time you know I am a huge fan of essential oils. One of the biggest and best kept secrets of oil use is their ability to help with emotional health. The stuck you feel can be eased and many times erased with a bit of aromatherapy. It can seem simplistic and a bit woo woo but truly these plant essences are God's gift to us in a bottle and have helped ease many an emotional panic in my household. I recently did an entire class on how to use these oils to gain understanding and reset the more negative feelings and exchange them for a positive outlook.

If you are feeling stuck. If you feel like you are wandering through the mist, then let me guide you to a new perspective and a new way of looking at your circumstances. The class is free and the link to view the class is

The zoom is password protected and the password is harmony.

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