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What is Functional Medicine?

What makes the human body work? We know as we were kids growing up our parents taught us to brush our teeth so we didn’t get cavities and to wash our hands so we didn’t catch a cold. We were told to dress for the weather to get a good night’s sleep but as we get older the simple things aren’t so simple. We wake up and can’t get back to sleep or maybe we can’t fall asleep in the first place. Maybe we sleep well but still feel exhausted. We ache, we hurt, but we pop a pill and push through because, that’s it we are getting older and it is just a matter of time, right? We have our list of symptoms and our cabinet of pills but we don’t expect to ever feel like we used to….it is a sad model of health and one functional medicine is poised to change.

Unlike the current model of healthcare that shuffles you to one specialist after another for every different ailment Functional Medicine looks at the whole person and how the different symptoms and body system work together to make a functioning whole. “Everything is connected,” is a phrase I often use when talking to clients because it is true. True Wellness has a unique well-care model that focuses on root cause resolution. We are not doctors or nurses nor are we dieticians or therapists. As Functional Medicine Coaches we use our training in physiology, biochemistry, mindset/attitude, nutrition, aromatherapy, conscious language and other modalities to bring you a comprehensive view to assist you on unraveling the mystery behind your unique body and symptoms.

The Functional Coaching process begins with a comprehensive intake where your entire health history and current habits and lifestyle choices are discussed in a nonjudgmental, caring, and compassionate intake that can last up to 90 minutes. You are given the time and space to talk out your health journey with someone who can look at all the pieces of your puzzle and help you to make sense of what is happening. During this session you will be asked questions to clarify how those pieces might be related and we begin to unravel the clues your body is giving you. Together you will plan out a course of action that will lead you down a path of healing and wellness. You learn to understand and work with your bodies unique needs and begin to maximize the good things you are doing and add in what is missing from the puzzle, the entire time YOU are in charge of your journey with a knowledgeable coach to guide and educate you in order to make the best choices for your situation.

Our bodies have a unique capacity to heal and maintain a level of wellness that allows you to thrive. Most of us however are not thriving but merely surviving, dealing with the aches, or fatigue, or brain fog, or weakness we think is just a normal part of aging and life. Thriving is a state unlike what most of us are experiencing, it is a state of vitality, energy, strength, mental clarity and emotional balance. A state that leaves you with the freedom to pursue your goals and dreams and live a life engaged and active. Have you been left wondering about your symptoms and have been left doubting if you will ever feel better? Maybe the Functional Medicine approach is one to consider.

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