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How you think can heal or harm

How is it that we have become a society that has to name everything?

If we don't label it than we can't treat it, or can we?

Why is it that we run from doctor to doctor trying to get a diagnosis?

We have this symptom and that one and list all the things that are bothering us and hopefully then the brilliant physician puts a name to what we are feeling.

For what purpose?

Somehow knowing we are not alone and what we are experiencing is shared with others can give us a sense of belonging but is that going to get us well?

Long ago I decided, I wanted to teach. I also made a decision later that not only did I want to teach but that what I wanted to instill in others was a hope that they could heal and be well. The thing I did not want to do is just slap a label on a person and help them cope with the inevitable downward spiral that was their new future. This is unfortunately the state of healthcare today. Something I wanted nothing to do with.

Instead, I searched long and hard for things that I knew would help people to heal. I learned about herbs, and essential oils, diet and how to cook things from scratch, switched out cleaning products and personal care products with less toxic options. I went to school to be able to teach others how to do the same. I was a biochemist after all and all the things I was doing had an easy chemical explanation. It was simple to make the connection to the material thing I was using and how it would react in my body.

But, in all the nitty gritty chemical formulas and biochemical interactions I missed a huge piece of the puzzle. What was I thinking?

Every time we feel a certain way we release chemicals in our body. How do you think the eyes know how to well up with tears when we experience sadness? What makes our hearts race when we feel excited or scared? Those chemicals. So when we have thoughts that make us feel happy or sad we release those same chemicals. The brain can't tell the difference if we are sad because of that silly tv commercial or if we truly have had something sad happen or we are just thinking about something that might happen. In all these circumstances the tears flow just the same.

What if you could harness that knowledge and use it for healing? You can. It has been proven scientifically over and over. Mind over matter is not just a cute saying it is truth. You can literally be scared to death or you can be healed to life.

The most powerful thing you can do aside from making all the changes and all the right choices for your health is to change the way you see your health. Not only do you need to catch yourself thinking poorly about your health but you need to replace those thoughts with something positive.

I am strong.

I am healthy.

My body is working to make me feel better and is telling me what I need to heal.

I am feeling energetic and happy.

The words you think and use to describe your symptoms matter.

Is your knee 'killing you'? Really? Or, is it telling you it needs extra attention and care today and is telling you it needs rest and more supportive posture and healing foods. If you recognize how you are expressing your feelings about your symptoms you will be able to reframe your body's

response to them. Seeing them as messages that lead you to better choices versus the thing that is hurting you can be a transformative step towards healing. So, next time you are about to complain about your aches and pains, stop change the way you think about them and seek to understand why you are experiencing them and what your body needs you to hear. It is the cornerstone of how Functional Medicine operates and a critical change in how you approach your health journey. It is the difference between apathetic acceptance of a life of deteriorating health or a life of opportunity to change and walk a path to healing and wellness.

Which one do you want to choose today?

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